Kai’s lip wipe compilation during wolf performances~

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It hit me hard.

It’s 4am and suddenly I think about you. I miss the old days when life was not so complicated. When it was a given that I would see you at the end of the day to complete it. When being with you and even doing nothing is perfectly fine. Thinking about you and what the future could bring, scares the hell out of me. Maybe I’m over thinking or is it the effect of too much coffee? As much as I want you to be part of my life like the way you used to be, I have no more control over it. I’m just really thankful that in some amazing way, God has blessed me with a person like you in my lifetime. I treasure this blessing and would forever be grateful. I want to say this to you but maybe it’s better left unsaid…for now—I miss you.

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Dreaming of you.

You know what is good in a dream?


You can be with people who are impossible to be with in reality.


Manage expectations isn’t for you, you need to guard your heart.

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Sometimes it takes stuff like these to make you realize that not everything is a valley. You take the bad in with the good.


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Life is waaaay better when you DO NOT CARE. ;)

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—when he wasn’t: one, being so hot and cold it’s like Katy Perry wrote the song about him


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